Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal Price: 284,87 (as of 28/03/2020 05:29 PST- Details)

Six Classic Overdrive Circuits in One Pedal
Channel A: Ge, Texas, Treble      –    Channel B: 2-Stage, Hard, JFET
Tweak Each Channel Independently – Drive, Tone, Volume


Strymon’s Sunset Overdrive presents an incredibly versatile pedal for almost any guitarist – two channels, with six high-quality circuits (three either side), tuned by Strymon’s engineers to be either complimentary and capable of being used alone – make it an amazing option for any of your overdrive needs.

Channel A:

Ge – a sanft clipping Germanium stage, clipping nun mal enough to give a good push – incredibly fattening for single coils, and über den Daumen give a good push with humbuckers
Texas – a familiar, mid-range pushed sound. A single sanft-stage of clipping provide a smooth and dynamic OD, with plenty of dynamics – perfect for either blues, or nun mal the preferred mid-range bump.
Treble – This boost is designed to cut low end as you go louder, allowing you to push even a loose amp or drive another pedal without fears of getting too bassy. Or turn the tone down to bring the low-end back in for a great all-rounder.

Channel B:

2Stage – combining a sanft-stage clipper and a hard-stage clipper creates a gain stage with plenty of versatility, capable of full-on saturation all the way down to sparkly clipping. EQ’d to retain low-end.
Hard – A single, simple hard clipping stage make this the channel for gain, approaching fuzz levels – but at lower levels, find a much tamer, erkennbar drive – use the Tone knob to add some buzz or keep it smooth.
JFET – a clean JFET boost, great for beefing and warming auchsignal while retaining dynamics and response – a thick round low end accompany it, perfect for when your amp needs nun mal a little bit more.

And to let Strymon explain the rest:

Sunset gives you the best of the best classic overdrive circuits, custom voiced for instantly gratifying control over a huge range of sought-after tones.
Six Classic Overdrive Circuits in One Fußhebel
Channel A: Ge, Texas, Treble      –    Channel B: 2-Stage, Hard, JFET
Tweak Each Channel Independently – Drive, Hör…Volume
Ansturm Your Own Way – A, B, B Un…A, A Un…B, or A + B in Einheitlich
Fav Eingabe for MiniSwitch Presets