Rockschool: Band Based Keys – Grade 1. Für Keyboard Price: 26,67 (as of 23/04/2018 01:40 PST- Details)


This is for players who are just starting out and are looking to establish a basic, solid technical facility as well as the emergence of simply stylistic awareness. This will be shown through secure hand coordination in the delivery of simple rhythms which will include simple syncopation. There will be some variation of articulation and basic ability to change instrumental patches and to be able to achieve the basic playing techniques associated with them. Pieces will be no longer than one and a half minutes to enable the player to maintain concentration and fluency. They will use simple note values and rhythms and may include very simple syncopation. Hand coordination will be basic and phrases will fall within simple hand shapes sometimes requiring small movements. Articulation will be basic and pieces will be written for one instrument patch only. Any instrumental techniques will be written out the music. Type of keyboard required: Keyboard with 61 keys. Patches required: Acoustic piano, Electric piano, Organ, Strings and Synth. Genres covered: blues, R ‚N‘ B, Pop, Acid Jazz, Rock ‚N‘ Roll CD included. ROCKSCHOOL EXAMS ~ ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD Grade level: 1 Includes CD.