Oboe Sight Reading 2. Oboe


A fresh approachInstrumentation : oboeDescription : An approach which includes sight-reading in daily practising at an early stage. Instead of dry exercises, these editions focus on the use of idiomatic melodies. This is how sight-reading is meant to be – FUN!Contenu : Preface – To the pupil: why sight-reading? – Section 1: Two-octave range; changes of time signature – Section 2: Low B to high C# and D; semiquaver rests, duplets and the D.C. – Section 3: Low Bb to high Eb; four sharps and flats; 7/8 and 8/8; demisemiquavers – Section 4: Keys to five sharps and flats; notes to high E, ornaments, chromatic patterns and the double sharp – Section 5: Notes to high F; whole-tone, chromatic and atonal tonalities; further ornamentsDate de parution : 29/11/2007Nombre de pages : 88Langue : English – French – GermanFormat : New Edition portrait