Liebesfreud – Liebesleid: aus den Alt-Wiener Tanzweisen. Streichtrio. Partitur und Stimmen. (Edition Schott)

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from the Old Viennese dance tunesInstrument : string trioType : score and partsNombre de Pages : 30Apart from the collection of ‚Classical Manuscripts‘ composed by Fritz Kreisler (1875-1962) and passed off by him as transcriptions of movements by old masters, the violonist published original works very early. Kreisler himself liked to play them as encore pieces, sweetening many a concert with such pieces of ‚musical confectionary‘. The most famous miniatures are undoubtedly ‚Love’s Joy‘ and ‚Love’s Sorrow‘, two ‚old Viennese dance-tunes‘ in which Kreisler evoked the coffee-house atmosphere of his home town with wonderful melodies and beguiling harmonies. The miniatures are endearing, lively and catchy, yet with an elegiac air â?? but full of charm and elegance. These magnificent salon pieces are now available in an arrangement for string trio by Wolfgang Birtel.