Gear4 PG523 Lucky Voice Karaoke Party Box (UK Import) Price: 59,23 (as of 02/06/2017 07:36 PST- Details)

Instruction sheet
1 x metal-bodied blue microphone
1 x black compact microphone mixer



The perfect present for friends and family to create the best parties ever!

The kit transforms your computer or iPad into the ultimate karaoke machine, with instant access to thousands of songs including all the greatest hits and latest chart releases.

Need a new way to keep friends and family entertained during the festive period? Nothing beats a fun-filled singalong session with our professional singing equipment. No need for expensive CDs or downloads, stream thousands of songs directly from luckyvoicekaraoke or the Lucky Voice Karaoke app.

The Karaoke Kit also includes a complimentary voucher code giving you free, unlimited singing for one month!

Kit Includes:

What you need:

Heres how it works

In the box you get a code simply go to luckyvoicekaraoke,enter that code and it will unlock all 8,000+ songs.

Then connect up the Karaoke Kit to your computer and to your hi-fi usingthe cables included.

Plug in the microphone, add echo and get singing! Your voice and themusic will come through your hi-fi speakers and you sing the lyrics off thescreen. All the necessary cables are in the box.

After the free month has finished, you will automatically be on a monthlysubscription worth 4.99. If you cancel your subscription during your freemonth, you will not be charged and will still get your full free month.

Since we add at around 50 new songs every month (a mix of new hits andold classics) it means that when you want to have a karaoke party youcan access all the latest hits without paying lots for all the new CDs, andwithout paying for it when youre not using it. 4.99 is half the price ofgoing to the cinema, but you get so much more fun out of it!

Common questions

Are all the songs on the Karaoke Kit?

No. The box is just a mic mixer that mixes your voice and the music. Youcant just plug a mic into a computer. It wont work. All the songs are on ourweb
Instruction sheet
1 x metal-bodied blue microphone
1 x black compact microphone mixer
1 5m microphone cable
Power cable