Dr. Black Beauties Electric Guitar Strings

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Coated Strings Have Been Around NOW FOR A Very Long Time, And Yet The complaints are Still Out There. Musicians Say That Coated Strings Simply Don ‚t Sound Like un-coated Strings. This is no longer The case, Dr. introduces Their New Dr. Black Beauties which is part of the K3 Color Coated Line. The K3 Beschichtung System ermöglicht Your String to Vibrate freely which makes hat String That Does Sound Like It s un-coated.
The K3 Process has the same Gelenk, Volumen Than Any un-coated Strings. This with the Advantage Of drauf UNWANTED Overtones which Increase Clarity and Brightness. All That And You Get The Benefits Of A Drumhead String. All the Long Lasting Tone, Korrosion resistance, OF A Drumhead String At Your Finger werden. No more apologies, Here is a String That Sounds Like It s un-coated.
… DID I auf They are Deep Black? These Strings are Impresive.
K3 Black Beschichtung
Lang lasting
Warm Clear Tone
un-coated Sound
Lite bke-9 9/11/16/24/32/42?
Lite & Heavy bke-9/46 9/11/16/26/36/46
Medium bke-10 10/13/17/26/36/46
Big & Heavy bke-10/52 10/13/17/32/42/52
Heavy bke-11 11/14/18/28/38/50
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