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BBE is at the forefront of audio technology which allows amplified music to sound more natural, and the latest generation of BBE High Definition Sound technology is a vital element to the new Acoustimax acoustic preamp. In the four years since BBE last offered its award-winning 386 acoustic preamp, BBE?s design and engineering team studied the serious acoustic player’s needs for both recording and sound reinforcement. The result is Acoustimax, a foot-pedal-style (or ?stomp-box-style?) acoustic preamp which raises the bar for amplified acoustic instrument sound quality. Acoustimax is packed with features including three band, recording-console quality eq with a sweepable mid -range band, low frequency notch filter, phase reversal, ground lift, line level out, dedicated tuner out and TRS effects loop, even a pre/post switchable-balanced DI output with pad. Other features include hard-wire bypass, non-slip rubber bottom and the included 12v power supply. Acoustimax Specifications: Frequency Response: 50Hz – 20kHz Treble: +/-12dB @ 10kHz Mid: +/-12dB @ 400Hz – 2.5kHz Bass: +/-12dB @ 60Hz Notch: 0 to -12dB @ 70Hz – 250kHz BBE: Lo Contour +15dB @ 50Hz Process: +15dB @ 10kHz Noise: Instrument Jack -98dBv (unity gain) Line Out: -88dBv (+10dB gain) Max Output: +10dBu @ Instrument Jack THD: 0.05% at 1kHz Impedances: Input 2.2 MEG Ohm Tuner Out: 2K Ohm Line Out: 1K Ohm Instrument Out: 2K Ohm XLR Out: 600 Ohm Power Requirements: DC inlet +12VAC min. 200ma * 0dBu = 0.775Vrms