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Text: English / deutsch Completely revised and enlarged edition! Jazz Bass Compendium is one of the most comprehensive method books. 208 pages filled with information and aspects on jazz bass playing. The right hand: position, effect on sound and timing, exercises, three finger technique, drops The left hand: position, shifting positions, intonation, pizzicato technique, vibrato Coordinating both hands Bass lines: rhythm, pulse, timing, walking bass, two-beat feel, arpeggios, diatonic passing notes, leading notes, chromatic lines, scales and tetrachords, pentatonic scales, bass lines over II V progressions, harmonic clichés, pedal point, rhythmic embellishments, bass lines on standard chord progressions, straight 8ths bass lines, Latin bass lines The elements of sound Various improvisation concepts Arpeggios Studies and etudes on the chord changes to Sunny, Footprints, I Hear A Rhapsody, Solar, Confirmation Upper structure voicings Phrasing and articulation Scales and scales studies, chord-scales, breaking up scales Practice concepts, different learning fields 4 bass duets and one solo, including Georgia On My Mind, Blues 4U and More Bass Hit Sigi Busch is one of the most respected European jazz bassists/educators. He heads the jazz departement at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin, Germany.