Absolute Beginner’s Bodhran Tutor

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Buch, CD


Mit dieser Hilfe lernt man das traditionell irische Instrument in Null komma nix. Mit Buch und CD in einem.

Beinhaltet diese Lieder:

A Fig For A Leaf
Bodhran Care
Choosing A Bodhran
Holding The Bodhran
Holding The Stick
How To Read Bodhran Tablature
Jigs (Primary Level)
Jigs (Secondary Level)
Other Forms Of Tunes
Playing Position
Playing Styles
Reels (Primary Level)
Reels (Secondary Level)
Suggested Listening
The Ballydesmond Polka
The Bodhran
The Dingle Regatta
The Dunmore Lasses
The Harvest Home
The Nine Points Of Roguery
The Sailor’s Bonnet
The Swallow’s Tail
The Tenpenny Bit
Buch, CD