15 dreistimmige Inventionen – (Sinfonien) BWV 787-801 – Bearbeitung für Streichtrio – Partitur und Stimmen (KM 2295)

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Arranged for Violin, Viola and Cello. To obtain new chamber music by Johann Sebastian Bach, one can either go back to the roots, to the original version, or one can move on creatively. This is the path that Mozart took by forming string trios from pieces by Bach. Wolfgang Link picks up this great tradition in his arrangement. While not every three-part harpsichord piece is suitable for a string trio arrangement, the 15 Inventions BWV 787 to 801 seem tailor-made for this. The range of the voices perfectly fits the classical scoring, and Bach himself would no doubt be satisfied with the completely new sound. He would probably remember that he himself provided the initial spark for their instrumental scoring when he called the three-part inventions „sinfonias“. Printed Music STRING TRIO ~ VIOLIN, VIOLA & CELLO BEST SELLER!